Celestron Binoculars

Celestron Binoculars

Celestron are well recognised as world leaders in optical design and all Celestron binoculars, telescopes and spotting scopes are manufactured to the highest quality to deliver outstanding resolution and excellent clarity for the price.


If you want choice, affordability and value for money it is well worth looking at the extensive range Celestron have to offer. Celestron binoculars are built to the same high standard and to a level of quality that is well supported by a lifetime guarantee with many models including the Upclose range, the Traveller, Outland, Oceana and Skymaster (Celestron’s binoculars for astronomy).


No matter what your sporting requirement Celestron have the binoculars for you including lightweight, compact binoculars, binoculars for travel, bird watching, action sports and nature viewing, zoom, waterproof, astronomy and marine binoculars. Whatever your choice you can be sure that all Celestron binoculars are built with outstanding attention to detail and priced at a level majority can afford.


If you want truly affordable have a look at the ‘Up-close’ range and pick up compact or full-size Celestron Up-close binocular for under £50. For your money you get fully coated lenses, rubber coated, water resistant bodies and a no-fault lifetime warranty. This series includes high powered compact binoculars (12×25 & 16×32), objective diameters up to 50mm (including a 20×50) and a wide angle & zoom option. The prisms are Bk7 rather than Bak-4 and the lenses are fully coated rather than fully multi-coated but for the money the specification and performance is good.


With compact binoculars Celestron do have some strong competitors, even in the low price range including Nikon, Pentax and Olympus (who offer the widest choice), all good makes and all worth a look at. Canon do a compact IS binocular and Steiner makes some admirable high quality compact binoculars ranging from about £50 – £300.


If you want to move up a grade then take a look at the Outland series, again available in compact and full-size models. These Celestron Outland binoculars are waterproof and fog-free, ideal for tough outdoor pursuits, and come with multi-coated, top quality Bak-4 prisms, twist-up eyecups for long eye relief (ideal for spectacle wearers) and a lifetime warranty. Excellent value for money at £100 or the LX series for under £125.


There is strong competition in full-size binoculars with Leica and Swarovski capturing the top end of the market. If you are looking for high quality but don’t have £1000+ then Steiner, Nikon, Pentax and Bushnell offer and excellent choice and for affordable marine binoculars then look no further than the Oceana series Celestron binoculars which come with a range finding dial and compass. However, if you want truly top notch marine binoculars then don’t make a purchase before checking out the Steiner Commander series which are salt water resistant, protected against environmental pressures, waterproof to 10 metres, long-life rubber armoured, auto focusing and guaranteed for 30 years, truly special.


If you want to get into astronomy but don’t want to spend a fortune Celestron do a range of affordable binoculars to get you started. The Skymaster series are priced as low as £50 or, if you want a telescope then Celestron has a vast selection of low cost beginner models right up through to the top of the range.


In this digital era, no range would be complete without digital binoculars. The Celestron Vistapix allows you to store pictures, download them onto a TV or laptop and print quickly and easily starting from around £50.


So are Celestron binoculars, the right binoculars for you? Well that depends on what you want to use them for and how much you have to spend. It has to be said that they offer outstanding value for money and a wide choice at the lower end of the market. If you can afford it and you are going to be using your binoculars regularly you should seriously check out some of the competition with top quality optics well worth paying for. 


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