Some Lovely Moments from our Luxury Holiday with Baby

luxury holiday with babyWe were so energized about our 3 days visit to the ravishing luxury hotel in London. We had around 5-6 hours journey to reach however there are some minor points of interest to tell you guys. With two kids under age of 5 we chose the most tranquil route to travel. The baby girls were fed, showered and cuddled into warm clothes and seated into their seats. Blankets, teddy bears and obviously the fundamental nursery rhyme CD were in the car and we move out for our luxury holiday with children journey.

The children slept off soon after the journey begins. How pleased we were when at eleven we reached the hotel and the car attendant, remarkably dressed in their traditional clothes, welcomed us so warmly, took the keys and promised to bring all the luggage for our luxury holiday up to our room.

We moved in, keeping the kids calm and settled. Our room appeared to be the perfect room I have ever seen in any luxury hotel. It was basically two interconnecting rooms, with a vast bedroom, lavatory and a separately designed living room for the kids. The arrangement was perfect enough to rapidly settle the young ladies and afterward request a glass of vine from hotel administration.

Bovey Castle in this luxury hotel is one of best we have seen ever. It is in the center of golf course and is surrounded by breathtaking view. It is a spot where you can come, commence your Hunters and twist up by the blaze and unwind. Our family spent 1st morning on a visit to the coast where we had a ravishing morning in the rock pools. Again at the hotel in evening we looked at all the exercises that we can join. Remember that during our luxury holiday with baby we were charged for leaving our kids to be looked after in separate room especially decorated for children. We also spent some time playing with kids. It was full of toys for both boys and girls.

There is so much to tell you but explaining all these in this single blog is really tough. However a lovely playground and an indoor area for games should not be missed. Most of luxury holiday hotels also provide separate area for children to play there. Baby girls are provided with special treat where she feels like a fairy doll. We are not done yet; there are still too much to share with you guys. Subscribe our site to keep updated of these interesting and full on fun events that can help you make your luxury holiday with baby the best one.


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