Fundamental Elements In Company Solar Street lights Examined

Manufactures and designs under its brand solar design contributing to the optimization of natural resources.  Energy Solar believe in the need to take as an energy priority application of photovoltaic solar panel in Pakistan. Our business is in the manufacture, sale, distribution and marketing of various solar photovoltaic applications for road and street lighting solar street lights  and light signals that need to be solar powered.

Our great experience over the years we endorse, and enables the lamps  Energy Solar are installed in national and international territory illuminating roads, plazas, residential areas, urban and natural parks, trails and sports areas.

  • Why choose Energy Solar?
  • Huge cost savings involving our products compared to another traditional lighting.
  • Years of experience in facilities around the country and internationally.
  • We are manufacturers, thorough knowledge of all the products under our brand.
  • Manufacture and installation guarantee. Immediate response to any adversity, error or malfunction.
  • Originality and flawless finish of our products, giving greater value to street furniture.

Solar streetlights type:

I guess you’re not in charge of road lighting, but you may like to know that all this can be (and is being) build a large scale. That means it’s a completely reliable, and you can use it safely in your garden.


There are different types of lamps garden. Solar street lamps prices are partly due to the typology. There is something for everyone: you can choose between high lampposts, for the entrance to the garden, or to put them on the porch. Low streetlights are widely used in roads, or for entries of cars to the house. There are plenty of models, shapes and colors to choose according to your tastes and garden decoration.

There are also simpler beacons. These are virtually storey and play a more functional than decorative.

Solar Street light solar energy is used as food for lighting the streets at night, is designed by integrating the column and solar cells, has the ability of anti-wind and hail, the lines of control technology takes advantage microcomputer time and light, and intelligent recharge and discharge current inside. This product takes advantage of the design of light source high performance, which has the advantages such as high brightness, energetic saving and environment, easy for installation, stable services, unassembled cables, unconsumed overall energy, automatic control on and off, long service life etc. It is mainly used for lighting urban roads, districts, courtyards, villas, industrial estate, tourism zone, gardening etc.


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